5. January 2021 Extemp Topics

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January 2021



1. Will Pete Buttigieg’s appointment as Secretary of Transportation help or harm his future political ambitions?

2. Will anti-vaccine sentiment in the United States limit the effectiveness of efforts to curb COVID-19?

3. Does Joe Biden’s proposed cabinet reflect the diversity of America?

4. Will Republicans in the Senate block key appointments to Joe Biden’s cabinet?

5. Does Ivanka Trump have a future in elective politics?

6. Does the United States government have adequate measures in place to ensure vaccine access in rural America?

7. Can the United States meet Joe Biden’s climate targets?

8. Are reparations for African Americans practicable?

9. Can pharmaceutical companies produce enough vaccines to meet American needs during the first quarter of 2021?

10. Should the United States close-off all travel from outside of the US until COVID-19 is under control?

11. Can Joe Biden maintain a cohesive coalition among Democratic factions to pass his agenda?

12. Should the United States federal government break-up Facebook due to antitrust concerns?



1. What should Joe Biden do if Donald Trump doesn’t leave the White House on January 20?

2. How will the contentious December debate over COVID-19 relief impact the image of Congress in the eyes of the American people?

3. What must Joe Biden do to prove his worth to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party?

4. Will there be a greater willingness of Republican members of Congress to work with Democrats with the departure of President Trump from office?

5. How will Donald Trump’s spree of pardons impact a possible comeback in 2024?

6. What priorities must the government pursue to root-out racism in the justice system?

7. How will the change in presidential administrations impact US-Russian relations?

8. How will the COVID-19 pandemic change the way we train medical practitioners?

9. What can the United States government do to strengthen its defense against cyberattacks?

10. Which populations of American children have been most hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic?

11. What should be Joe Biden’s priorities in his first 100 days as president?

12. What should be done with President Trump’s incomplete border wall?




1. Will the new variant of COVID-19 emerging in the UK derail worldwide efforts to bring an end to the pandemic?

2. Is Malawi deserving of the Economist magazine’s honor of “Most-Improved Country of 2020”?

3. Will 2020 be remembered as a turning point in 21st Century world history?

4. Can the “Me Too” movement gain a foothold in China?

5. With its loss of global standing, is China gaining at the expense of the United States?

6. Will the United States’ decision to recognize Morocco’s claim to Western Sahara strengthen the legitimacy of Morocco’s claim?

7. Is it time for oil companies to shift more investments toward renewable energy development?

8. Can Russian opposition leader Alexi Navalny ever gain the upper hand in a rigged political system?

9. Has the process of getting COVID-19 vaccines out to the world demonstrated structural inequality in the global healthcare system?

10. Can China succeed in its efforts to defeat obesity?

11. Will recent attacks in Iraq’s Green Zone trigger war with Iran?

12. Will right-wing opponents of Prime Minister Netanyahu succeed in defeating him in upcoming elections?

13. Has Iran’s nuclear weapon’s program faced significant setbacks?


1. Ten years after the Arab Spring, why hasn’t democracy emerged in the Middle East?

2. How will the elimination of the Cuban dual-currency system impact the nation’s economy?

3. What will be the consequences of Morocco’s decision to recognize Israel?

4. Why is Nigeria failing to make headway in its struggle against Boko Haram?

5. What can Balkan states do to keep doctors from leaving their countries?

6. What must be done to create a lasting peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

7. Why have the Brexit trade talks between the UK and the EU taken so long to complete?

8. Who benefits most from the UK-EU Brexit trade deal?

9. What must the Free Papua movement do to gain independence for West Papua?

10. How will Donald Trump’s decision to pardon mercenaries from Blackwater impact Iraq’s relationship with its western allies?

11. How will political instability in Nepal impact the country’s relations with its neighbors?

12. Why has the International Criminal Court refused to investigate China’s treatment of its Uighur minority?