3. November 2020 Extemp Topics

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November 2020

Important Note for November: As of this writing we must anticipate more than one possible scenario for the outcome of the 2020 elections, impacting not only the composition of leadership in the US, but policy outcomes. This month, domestic questions will consider both scenarios and will be a mix of open and closed-ended questions. International questions will be divided in the typical way.


Democratic Victories

1. How will the Democratic Party’s control of Congress change the focus of its legislative agenda?

2. Who will President-elect Biden appoint to important national security roles in his new government?

3. Will President Biden and a Democratic Congress “pack” the Supreme Court?

4. How will a new Democratic administration address environmental policy changes made by the Trump administration?

5. Can the apparently victorious Biden campaign succeed in countering President Trump’s resistance to giving-up his power?

6. Will the Democratic Party retain Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House?

7. What will the Republican Party do to recover from its 2020 losses?


Republican Victories

1. With Republican retention of the Senate, will Congressional leadership be able to work together to create new policy in its next term?

2. Now that he has recaptured the White House, will President Trump push for the power to run for additional terms, as he has hinted?

3. Will President Trump make any significant changes to his cabinet in his second term?

4. How will President Trump deal with allegations of voter suppression being made by Democrats?

5. How will the reelection of President Trump impact the government’s approach to dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

6. What must the Democratic Party do to remain politically relevant after its losses in 2020?

7. Will President Trump punish Republicans who didn’t support him in the 2020 election?


Non-Election Dependent

1. Is Google an anti-competitive monopoly?

2. How will the American economy fair in the new year?

3. What steps can the United States federal government take to reduce Russian cyberattacks against the United States?

4. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, how would the decision impact the availability of legal abortions in the United States?

5. Will the Affordable Care Act survive its latest scrutiny by the Supreme Court?

6. Will Americans use a COVID-19 vaccine on a widespread basis?

7. Did Latinx voters make a difference in the outcome of the 2020 elections?

8. Will the fiancé of Jamal Khashoggi have any success in her US-based lawsuit against Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman?

9. Will the 2020 electoral experience lead America to change the rules of the game?

10. Should the Commission on Presidential Debates change its policies for future elections?

11. Can Congress and the Trump administration reach a deal on further COVID-19 relief?




1. Can the conflict between indigenous people in Canada and Canadian lobstermen be resolved?

2. Is the UAE’s decision to normalize relations with Israel tacit acceptance of occupation of Palestinian territories?

3. Can South Africa maintain peaceful coexistence between races while Whites continue to own most of the farmland?

4. Can the United States afford to continue the drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan?

5. Can Luis Arce maintain Evo Morales’ vision as the new leader of Bolivia?

6. Can Venezuela’s oil sector ever recover?

7. Will student protests influence the policy course of the Thai government?

8. In light of recent attacks, can the Afghan government afford to continue in negotiations with the Taliban?

9. Is Ireland’s approach to combatting COVID-19 working?

10. Will Italy pass legislation increasing rights for its LGBT citizens?

11. Is Turkey getting too close to Russia for NATO to tolerate?

12. Will Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to COVID-19 bring about the end of his leadership?



1. How will the removal of Sudan from the US list of state-sponsors of terror change the relationship between the two states?

2. What steps can be taken to block investments by al Shabab globally?

3. How will accusations of sex abuse against WHO workers in Congo impact the ability of the agency to work in other nations?

4. What accounts for the electoral success of Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand?

5. What can the Australian government do to slow the coral loss in the Great Barrier Reef?

6. What steps can be taken to calm tensions over water resources in Mexico?

7. What steps can be taken to defuse the simmering conflict along China and India’s border?

8. What will be the consequences for the global economy from the surging Chinese economy?

9. What must the leaders of Kyrgyzstan do to stabilize their democracy?

10. Why is COVID-19 resurging in Europe, despite more aggressive efforts to combat the pandemic there?

11. What steps can Turkey take to calm tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

12. What must Mali’s government do to defeat jihadists in their territory?

13. What will be the consequence of a closer relationship between Iran and China?