2. October 2020 Extemp Topics

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October 2020



1. Has William Barr lost legitimacy as Attorney General?

2. Is the US Postal Service leadership deliberately trying to undermine the November

3. Has the federal government failed in its response to western wildfires?

4. Should the CDC be granted greater independence of political influence?

5. Will plans for short COVID-19 vaccine trials undermine public confidence in the resulting

6. Is a “millionaires tax” an appropriate response by states to budget shortfalls caused by

7. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the Russians are interfering with the 2020

8. Is the Trump administration’s civil rights investigation at Princeton University politically

9. Should violent protesters face sedition charges?

10. Should ex-felons have the right to vote?

11. Will Democrats take control of Congress in the November elections?

12. Will new sexual assault allegations against President Trump influence the outcome of the November elections?

13. Does Joe Biden need to show more enthusiasm on the campaign trail?

14. Will the issue of the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Justice Ginsburg play a decisive role in the Presidential election?

15. If Democrats take control of both Congress and the Presidency in January, will they move to pack the Supreme Court with additional seats?



1. How will the performance of the presidential candidates in the October debates impact the outcome of the election?

2. What steps can western states take to better prepare for the annual threat of wildfires?

3. What must Congress do to position the United States to be more competitive with China?

4. What can Congress do to improve upon the Affordable Care Act in its next session?

5. What steps can be taken to limit political influence over Justice Department decisions?

6. What will be the long-term economic consequences of keeping interest rates near zero?

7. What steps can the United States take to lessen Chinese industrial espionage?

8. What can the federal government do to strengthen America’s historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)?

9. What will be the consequences of a government order to halt the eviction of renters during the COVID-19 crisis?

10. How can the rights of trans students in athletics be resolved with concerns about competitive fairness?

11. If Joe Biden wins the Presidency, who would be a likely first appointment to the Supreme Court?

12. How will the increase in wildfires and hurricanes impact the public’s views of the reality of climate change?

13. How will American voters respond to the shift in position by Republican senators regarding the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice in a presidential election year?




1. Are planned U.S. arms sales to Taiwan an excessive provocation of China?

2. Will knowledge of Aleksei Navalny’s poisoning increase opposition to Vladimir Putin?

3. Should the United States expand its use of drones in counterterrorism operations in East Africa?

4. Has peace finally come to the Darfur region of Sudan?

5. Will Chile’s constitutional referendum result in increased power for indigenous people?

6. Will Venezuelan leaders face justice for crimes against humanity?

7. Will Peru impeach its president?

8. Will talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban succeed?

9. Can China and India defuse their border tensions?

10. Is Europe facing a looming economic downturn?

11. Should Germany cancel its pipeline deal with Russia?

12. Is Turkey’s President a spokesperson for Muslims worldwide?

13. Is Ethiopia’s move toward democracy in danger?



1. How would a Biden victory in the Presidential elections impact the United Kingdom’s Boris Johnson?

2. Why are French politicians putting such a great focus on crime?

3. What will be the international repercussions of Rwanda’s abduction of Paul Rusesabagina to face terrorism charges?

4. What accounts for the rise in mass killings in Colombia?

5. Why are China’s efforts to make friends in European capitals failing?

6. How will visits by higher-level US officials to Taiwan impact Taiwan’s security?

7. What changes will the new Japanese Prime Minister bring to the government?

8. Why is Coronavirus surging in Europe after several months of significantly reduced cases?

9. What can the world community do to help Greece handle its significant refugee population?

10. What is the significance for Middle East peace of the normalization of relations between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates?

11. What can Greece do to reform its military?

12. Why are social democratic parties in decline in Europe?