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Many Options Available in Athletic Scheduling Software Programs

By Steffen Parker on February 08, 2017 hst Print

Regardless of whether administrators are responsible for two athletic fields and one gym in a high school of 150 students or an entire sports complex involving a thousand athletes each day, there are many advantages to using one of the many athletic scheduling software programs available today. In addition, the responsibility of scheduling a school’s activities and adding those corresponding facilities to the daily mix makes selecting the right program for the job even more critical.

The choices for this type of computer support grow every day with the addition of new programs using various platforms as well as significant updates to existing programs. The many options are both great and challenging – great because one can find any features that a school needs, and challenging because one can find any and all features – some that a school may not need. So, like so many decisions, knowing the needs up front makes finding the solution easier and more effective.

Connecting a school’s needs in scheduling athletic and activity facilities, practices, games, matches, rehearsals and events to the right software first requires a listing of the school’s software needs. Once that is established, selecting the right program is fairly straightforward; and given the search/find/sell capabilities of the Internet, doing so will require a few hours of research and reading.

Creating the list of a school’s needs may take more effort as the options available are extensive. Start with the basics – what is needed to support the school’s athletic and activity events and then consider the options that may enhance the program.

Following are the features and aspects to consider when selecting athletic scheduling software programs:


Cloud-based: Software that runs through web-browsers and is available (with proper login credentials) everywhere there is a computer and an Internet connection.

Server-based: Software that runs on a school-based network and is available only through computers attached to that network.

Stand-alone: Software and its related data are on your computer only.


• Schedule multiple facilities

  • Does the schedule allow time entries that work for your school (some are limited to every 15 minutes or 30 minutes for example)?
  • Does it notify you automatically of any conflicts?

• Team/Activity Membership

  • Email addresses included?
  • Parental contact information included?

• Game Results

  • Does it allow entry of all game information you want (box scores, individual stats, etc.)?

• Printouts

  • Team schedules
  • Facility schedules
  • Team Stats
  • Individual Stats


• Online schedules

  • Is there a website that your schedules will appear on?
  • Can the schedules be incorporated into an existing site?
  • Are there direct connections / apps for players?
  • Is there a notification system for cancellations or changes that will reach all who need to know?

• Rosters, stats, etc.

  • Can they be shared with the public or select personnel?
  • Can parents sign up for notifications or sharing of information?

• Coaches

  • Is there a connection for coaches to check schedules?
  • Send messages?
  • Enter scores?
  • Change rosters?
  • Use an app for any or all of this?

• Teams/Organizations

  • Does the software provide for a team webpage / site?
  • Can they link to FaceBook or Twitter?
  • Live updates on events?
  • Video capability?


• Students

  • Enter and maintain database on student eligibility?
  • Can it connect to school SIS?
  • Will it track injuries and trainer’s notes?
  • Activities – Awards – Reporting

• Coaches

  • Contact information?
  • Contracts – Payment tracking?
  • History?
  • Evaluations?
  • Communication process besides email?

• Officials

  • Scheduling of officials for events?
  • Contracts and contact information tracked?
  • Evaluations?


• Transportation

  • Tracks transportation needs and agreements

• Fundraising

  • Tracks fundraising activities
  • Tracks participation by students

• Budgeting

  • Costs
  • Vendors
  • Payments
  • Income
  • Tickets
  • Donations

• Security

  • Does the system have enough security to keep your data safe and accurate without being too cumbersome so that others will not use it?
  • Can the security be matched to existing systems for your school personnel?

Because of the capability of computers and the Internet, just about anything is possible – connection to other resources including league, conference and state organizations; integration with current websites, social media, platforms and other software; tracking of data one would find valuable. However, all of this information comes with two issues: cost and complexity.

Administrators should consider a school’s current needs and what “extras” might be important now or in the near future. Consider reviewing the software, talking to other administrators about their programs and checking out any demos or videos. As always, consider the relationship between the cost and the value of each extra component.

The more time a school devotes to a review of needs and available options, the more time it will save by making the correct choice.