9. May 2021 Extemp Topics

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May 2021



1. Is the rise in COVID 19 cases in several states indicative of growing carelessness or a failure of the vaccine process?

2. Will the increased frequency of mass shootings in the United States change the influence of the pro-gun lobby?

3. Should Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer retire?

4. Is Joe Biden losing ground with American progressives?

5. Can Matt Gaetz maintain his seat in Congress while facing increased evidence of wrongdoing?

6. With another round of high-profile police killings, is America facing the prospect of another summer of protests for justice?

7. Will tax evasion allegations against Roger Stone by the Justice Department return him to jail?

8. Will fears created by problems with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine prove a significant setback to US COVID vaccination efforts?

9. Can the Justice Department take significant legal action against the Oath Keepers?

10. Should Matthew McConaughey run for governor of Texas?

11. Is the growing fuel pellet industry a threat to America’s environment?

12. Will growing sectarianism undermine American democracy?

13. After a year of fighting COVID-19, is America prepared for the next pandemic?


1. What can the United States do to increase the availability of COVID vaccines to the homeless population?

2. How can the federal government improve the Federal Elections Commission?

3. What message does the Biden administration’s hesitation on changing refugee quotas signal to his supporters?

4. How will the restoration of the full use of consent decrees by the Justice Department change the punishment of abusive police?

5. What can state governments do to strengthen “red flag laws” used to block some people from purchasing guns?

6. What must Merrick Garland do to fulfill his promise to better combat domestic terrorism?

7. What explains the surge in fundraising success for the Republican Party?

8. How can the Democratic Party overcome voting restrictions recently passed by the State of Georgia?

9. What can Amazon employees do to help their union movement grow?

10. What will be the impact on Georgia from the MLB pulling the All-Star game out of the state?

11. What actions can the federal government take to respond to police violence at the local level?

12. What should be your state’s top economic priority in the coming year?


International Questions

1. Will Brazilians answer their president’s call for every Brazilian to have a gun?

2. Will US sanctions on Russian debt result in a favorable response?

3. Should Argentina renegotiate the terms of its debt with the IMF?

4. Will former President Lula attempt to run for the Brazilian presidency again?

5. Is Myanmar in danger of tipping into nation-wide civil war?

6. Should Japan stop its plans to dump coolant water from the Fukishima disaster into the sea?

7. Would a Taliban victory end civil war in Afghanistan?

8. Should the Philippines’ military challenge China’s occupation of Whitsun Reef?

9. Should ASEAN sanction Cambodia for its suppression of the political opposition?

10. Can China’s cloud-seeding efforts bring much needed water?

11. Does a Russian build-up on the Ukraine border signal a return to open warfare?

12. Will Russia let Alexei Navalny die in prison?

13. Can Ethiopia’s economy recover from the effects of the conflict in Tigray?


1. Who will prevail in Peru’s presidential run-off elections?

2. How will Pakistan be effected by America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan?

3. How will Singapore’s government respond to Heng Swee Keat’s decision not to succeed Lee Hsien Loong as Prime Minister?

4. How will a strengthening alliance between Japan and the United States impact Chinese security?

5. How will America’s planned withdrawal from Afghanistan impact the lives of Afghani women?

6. What must German conservatives do to mend their internal party conflicts?

7. What can Arab governments do to address growing food insecurity in the region?

8. Will the fence-mending of the Jordanian royal family be the end of threats to the rule of King Abdullah II?

9. After the Ever Given accident in the Suez Canal, will governments seek other options for global transportation of goods?

10. What can Israeli politicians do to end the perpetual stalemate in their election system?

11. How can Lebanon’s government address the country’s currency crisis?

12. What steps can Peru’s government take to solve economic problems exposed by COVID-19