8. April 2021 Extemp Topics

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April 2021



1. Can Joe Biden find the votes needed to pass his $3 trillion infrastructure package?

2. Will the recent increase in mass shootings increase the odds of successful passage of gun control legislation?

3. Will New York’s Governor Cuomo be forced to resign?

4. Will America’s fascination with the Perseverance rover fuel public support for greater investment in NASA?

5. If Donald Trump creates a new social media network, as he has promised, can such a service compete with the likes of Twitter?

6. Has the Affordable Care Act become “repeal proof”?

7. Is clean energy the key to an economic recovery?

8. Is it too early for Americans to resume pre-COVID patterns of travel?

9. Is an increase in corporate taxes an idea that can be sold to American voters?

10. Is it too early for widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles?

11. Should the Justice Department file sedition charges against the Oath Keepers?

12. Was the Biden administration wrong to fire employees for past use of Cannabis?

13. Will the Supreme Court reverse an appeals court decision blocking the death penalty for Dzokhar Tzarnaev, the Boston Marathon Bomber?


1. How can the Democratic Party keep Sen. Joe Manchin on the party line?

2. How can the Democratic Party combat the proliferation of restrictive voting laws in Republican-controlled states?

3. What steps can the Biden administration take to address more visible racism toward the Asian community?

4. What steps must the Biden administration take to get congressional Republicans on board with infrastructure legislation?

5. What would it take to get DC Statehood passed by Congress?

6. How should the Supreme Court rule on the constitutionality of requiring only men to register for the draft?

7. What is needed to reverse growing delays by the US Postal Service?

8. What will be the economic impact of the merger of Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern railways?

9. What steps are necessary to sustain an economic recovery as COVID-19 becomes less of a threat?

10. What actions will be necessary for Amazon employees to become unionized?

11. What conditions must be present for a $15 minimum wage to pass Congress?

12. What strategies must the Republican Party employ to best position them to retake Congress in 2022?




1. Has Benjamin Netanyahu sabotaged his new relationships with Arab states through his election tactics?

2. Can Saudi Arabia expect a positive response to its peace overtures toward Yemen’s Houthi rebels?

3. Will North Korea’s renewed weapons tests hinder the Biden administration’s efforts to open a dialog with the Kim regime?

4. Will recent sanctions by multiple countries against China have any impact on the treatment of the Uyghurs?

5. Was the EU’s decision to curb COVID vaccine exports to non-member countries the right call?

6. Should the African Union intervene in response to alleged atrocities by Ethiopian troops in Tigray province?

7. Can Mozambique defeat ISIS-affiliated insurgents?

8. Are Australia’s recent floods indicative of the threat posed by global climate change?

9. Will Honduran voters reject candidates with ties to drug trafficking?

10. Has its supply of vaccines given China too much leverage over lesser developed countries?

11. Will Moon Jae-In’s party suffer at the polls due to the housing scandal boiling over in South Korea?

12. Will British protestors succeed in blocking implementation of a bill expanding police power?

13. Can Scotland’s Nicola Surgeon fight-off calls for her resignation?


1. What steps must the Biden administration take to move Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel to take conciliatory steps toward the Palestinians?

2. How could the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia be tempered?

3. How can Israel reform its electoral system to reduce the frequency of inconclusive elections?

4. What can the government of Niger do to diminish Islamist violence?

5. What can Canada’s military do to stop sexual abuse within its ranks?

6. What must India do to reform its broken agricultural system?

7. How might the mutual fear of the return of the Islamic State help bring the Taliban and the Afghan government together?

8. What steps must UN member nations take to better enforce sanctions against North Korea?

9. How can Jordan elicit improved conduct in foreign relations by its Israeli neighbors?

10. How can Lebanon turn around its financial collapse?

11. Facing a more assertive China, what steps should Taiwan take to increase its preparedness for possible invasion?

12. What has the World Health Organization learned from its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic?