7. March 2021 Extemp Topics

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March 2021



1. Will consumer behavior change after the pandemic ends?

2. Have actions of the Biden Administration helped with the flow of COVID-19 vaccines to the people?

3. With the end of the Trump administration, will the threat posed by extremist right wing groups in the United States dissipate or grow?

4. Is an increased minimum wage good or bad for the US economy?

5. Are president Biden’s COVID relief proposals too expensive for the US to absorb?

6. Should the United States fundamentally change its foreign policy toward Saudi Arabia?

7. Should the United States continue to deport senior citizens with NAZI pasts, despite their advanced age?

8. Can the Biden Administration advance its agenda successfully while promoting a “big tent” view of the Democratic Party?

9. Is the US decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord “too little, too late”?

10. Will the sheer scope of the Capitol riots prosecutions doom them to failure?

11. Will Beto O’Rourke run for Governor of Texas in 2022?

12. Can the Justice Department tie Roger Stone to the Capitol rioters?

13. Was it wise for the Biden Administration to offer to reopen nuclear talks with Iran?


1. What steps should the State of Texas take to better prepare for future harsh weather conditions and the impact on public utilities?

2. What will be the consequences of the current COVID nursing home scandal in New York for Governor Cuomo?

3. What does the rising price of copper tell us about the future of the US economy?

4. When President Biden gets to nominate a Supreme Court justice, who should it be?

5. What is the significance of former President Trump scheduling a speech at CPAC?

6. Why did Democrats not do as well in down-ballot races in 2020 as they expected?

7. What must the Biden administration do to meet its promise of vaccines for all by July?

8. What must the US Marine Corps do to combat its sexual harassment problem?

9. What are the United States’ goals for maintaining a presence in Pakistan?

10. Where will Rush Limbaugh’s listeners turn after his death?

11. Who should be the next chief of the FDA?

12. What must the United States do to revitalize its manufacturing sector?




1. Can Alexey Nevalny gain his freedom from imprisonment in Russia?

2. Will European leaders continue to assert their independence even as the Biden administration tries to restore its global leadership?

3. Will Iran accept the US invitation to resume nuclear talks?

4. Should other African states intervene to stop the trial of Paul Rusesabagina in Rwanda?

5. Is Mexico too dependent on Texas for natural gas?

6. Will Myanmar’s crackdown on protestors backfire?

7. Is Hong Kong preparing to crackdown on the freedom of media there?

8. Will China face boycotts of its Winter Olympics next year?

9. Can Russia deliver on its promise to increase exports of vaccine doses?

10. Are protests in Russia a growing threat to the Putin regime?

11. Can Karim Kahn repair the International Criminal Court’s reputation?

12. Can Joe Biden bring about an end to the war in Yemen?


1. What role will Arab Israeli voters play in Israel’s upcoming elections?

2. What steps must be taken to achieve greater unity among Somali factions?

3. What will be the political consequences if South Africa arrests former President, Jacob Zuma?

4. What will the future of US-China relations look like?

5. How likely is it that the Taliban will eventually take control in Afghanistan?

6. What steps must Japan take to maintain its economic growth after COVID-19?

7. Are there any steps that the world community might take that can reverse China’s suppression of Muslims within its borders?

8. What steps must the KMT take to remain relevant in Taiwanese politics?

9. What can the world community do to improve the global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines?

10. What must Maria Draghi do to revitalize the Italian economy?

11. What can the European Union do to stand-up to a resurgent Russia?

12. Has unrest in the United States strengthened critics of America abroad?

13. Why are Catalonia’s separatists gaining ground?