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2015-16 Outstanding Music Educator Awards Selected

By NFHS on April 26, 2016 hst Print

Eighteen individuals have been selected to receive the 2015-16 Outstanding Music Educator Awards, given by the NFHS Music Association.

The Music Advisory Committee selected the recipients based on their significant contributions to high school music activities. The awards recognize high school or college band, choral or orchestral directors, supervisors and adjudicators. This year, eight individuals were section winners and 10 were state winners. 

Biographical information on this year’s Music Educator Award winners will be posted soon.

The following is a list of this year’s winners:

Section 1 – Andrew DeNicola, NJ
Section 2 – Ashley Tyree, KY
Section 3 – Sharon Laird, MS
Section 4 – Paul Brizzi, IA
Section 5 – Winifred Crock, MO
Section 6 – Michael Brashear, TX
Section 7 – George Hattendorf, AZ
Section 8 – Charles Schooler, WA

W. Robert Jenks, WV
Ben Luginbuhl, IL
Joseph Pappas, MO
Patricia Ritchie, NE
Avian Bear, KS
Tricia Lebahn, ND
Gay McClure, AR
Larry Swingen, MT
Claude Simmons Jr., OK
Mark Lane, WA